News Stories

June 17, 2002 NCED issues statement on defibrillator death
June 13, 2002 NCED announces AED workshop and new award program
May 31, 2002 School officials sued for lack of a defibrillator
May 24, 2002 Rural AED funds now available
May 22, 2002 Community AED Act becomes part of BPR Act
May 8, 2002 AEDs now required in New York schools
March 7, 2002 Health and fitness clubs urged to install AEDs
Feb 27, 2002 An AED in every school
Feb 1, 2002 Should AEDs go home?
Jan 21, 2002 Los Angeles launches citywide AED program
Jan 2, 2002 Young man saved with AED on cruise ship
Dec 17, 2001 OSHA urges consideration of AEDs at the workplace
Dec 12, 2001 Pennsylvania leads the way in facilitating school-site AED programs
Dec 7, 2001 Coach survives cardiac arrest thanks to school-site AED program
Dec 6, 2001 Sudden cardiac death rates worse than previously estimated
Nov 16, 2001 Bill fosters CPR and AED training in schools
Nov 8, 2001 Sixth-grader saved with school’s new AED
Nov 8, 2001 Frontier Airlines sued for lack of a defibrillator
Oct 11, 2001 BOMA issues policy statement on AEDs in office buildings
Sept 28, 2001 Flying AEDs are cost-effective
Sept 28, 2001 DHHS and OSHA asked to make AEDs a priority
Sept 17, 2001 M-I-C-K-E-Y now has AEDs
Sept 17, 2001 Pittsburgh International Airport reports second AED save
Sept 4, 2001 Use of AEDs by senior citizens
Aug 16, 2001 Pittsburgh International Airport reports first AED save
July 25, 2001 Community AED Act of 2001 calls for federal funding of defibrillation programs
July 3, 2001 Vice President Cheney receives ICD
June 11, 2001 Pittsburgh International Airport launches AED program
May 23, 2001 Federal government releases guidelines for PAD programs in federal buildings
May 21, 2001 Free AEDs for PA schools
May 10, 2001 Confusion about victim's location and idle defibrillator delay care
May 3, 2001 Are survivors getting ICDs?
May 3, 2001 Arming police with AEDs could double chances of survival
May 3, 2001 New pads enable use of AEDs on infants and children
Apr 26, 2001 Resuscitation review article published in New England Journal of Medicine
Apr 20, 2001 HHS funds available for rural AED pilot programs
Apr 16, 2001 USFA grant applications due May 2nd
Apr 12, 2001 AEDs required on US airlines
Apr 3, 2001 Another airport save--this time in Philadelphia
Mar 30, 2001 Community AED Act would provide grants for PAD programs
Mar 28, 2001 AED saves early defibrillation advocate at Austin airport
Mar 23, 2001 AED Grant Applications Due April 30th
Mar 6, 2001 Automated External Defibrillators appear efficient and effective for responding to cardiac arrest
Feb 21, 2001 Call for support of appropriation of funding for AEDs in rural communities
Feb 14, 2001 Study on Use of AEDs in Public Places to Get Underway in Pittsburgh
Feb 14, 2001 New bill supports CPR training in schools
Nov 28, 2000 New National Center For Early Defibrillation At The University Of Pittsburgh Provides Information About Life-Saving Devices At Critical Time
Nov 28, 2000 Two new studies report high survival rates with AEDs
Nov 28, 2000 What you need to know about liability
Nov 28, 2000 How to get funding for your AED program
Nov 28, 2000 Public Health Care Bills Signed into Law
Nov 28, 2000 Study Launched to Test Public Access Defibrillation
Nov 28, 2000 American Heart Association Releases New Guidelines for Emergency Care
Nov 28, 2000 President Clinton Appeals to the Nation to Bring AEDs to Every Community
Nov 28, 2000 Heart Defibrillators to be Installed at City of Los Angeles Airports; Program with Non-Profit Start-A-Heart Sets Precedent for Other City Departments
Nov 28, 2000 Most Would Use CPR or an Automated External Defibrillator, Even on Strangers