New pads enable use of AEDs on infants and children

May 3, 2001

Agilent Technologies has received FDA clearance for use of its Heartstream FR2 automated external defibrillator (AED) on infants and children under age eight, when equipped with specially designed pediatric defibrillation pads. The pads employ an attenuator that reduces the energy delivered by the AED to the appropriate dose for a child. The pad connector, represented by a pink teddy bear, is designed to ensure that a lay-responder can quickly identify proper pads for the victim in an emergency situation.

"Minimally trained AED users could save many precious young lives with easy-to-use technology that allows rapid delivery of defibrillation therapy to infants and children," said Dr. Dianne Atkins, associate professor of pediatrics, University of Iowa College of Medicine. "I am grateful for the tremendous national effort to place AEDs in the hands of public settings where large groups of people gather and where trained lay people can respond. Now, we are able to extend this standard of care to our children."

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