Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Devices

What AED models are available on the market?

In the United States, there are currently six companies that have the Food and Drug Administration’s Pre-Market Approval-510k for either a single AED or multiple AED models. AEDs are an extremely important tool that helps emergency responders save countless lives each year.

The FDA strictly monitors and regulates the approval and sale of AEDs to ensure only effective and safe equipment is offered and used. Anyone can purchase an AED but a prescription from a licensed physician or medical professional is required before a unit can be delivered by the retailer or manufacturer. The American Heart Association among other relevant healthcare authorities strongly recommend having an AED always available, particularly at arenas, public parks, auditoriums and any other large public venue.

All six of the companies listed below offer several different models of AEDs with various features and options available. While many of the AED models available are intended for use by those who have limited experience with using such equipment, it is important to complete proper training before using an AED.

Source: American Heart Association as of August 23, 2013

Cardiac Science

Corporate Headquarters
3303 Monte Villa Parkway
Bothell, WA  98021
(800) 426-0337

Cardiac Science Powerheart AED Models

(Models designed for experienced and inexperienced users)

Powerheart AED G5

The Powerheart G5 is the latest model released by Cardiac Science and offers ease of use, advanced technology and effectiveness that is a good fit for both experienced emergency responders and first-time users that are trying to help someone in need of life-saving assistance. You can purchase the G5 as a fully automatic model or semi-automatic model based upon your needs or preferences. It comes with a solid list of features including dual-language capabilities, quick action shock times, variable escalating energy levels and much more.

All units are equipped with Cardiac Science’s patented Rescue Ready advanced technology which ensures all components on the unit are automatically checked and ready for use, as well as professional grade pads and battery. The Powerheart G5 RescueCoach software assists users with automated prompts that walk them through the necessary steps to prepare and use the unit effectively in an emergency situation.

  • You can switch to a different language by pressing a single button
  • Advanced technology
  • The unit offers maximum effectiveness delivering post-CPR shock in as little as 10 seconds
  • Automated processes help you assess a patient's needs and customize shock at appropriate energy levels
  • Capable of transferring and reviewing data via USB device
  • Professional quality
  • Rescue Ready technology automatically checks hardware, software and device components
  • Intellisense technology alerts you 30 days before electrodes expire
  • Rescue Ready indicator light gives you the confidence the unit is always ready for an emergency situation
  • The G5 meets military standards for durability including vibration testing, drop/shock tests and operation in harsh environments


3.4 x 9.0 x 11.8 inches
Weighs 5.7 pounds


The unit comes with an 8-year warranty and offers a replacement guarantee for 4 years on the batteries.

Powerheart AED G3 Plus and Pro

The Powerheart G3 Pro and G3 Plus are favorites of many professional emergency responders due to their ease of use, straightforward technology and reliability. While the G5 is the latest release by Cardiac Science and offers the latest in industry advancements, the G3 models are still reliable units that offer excellent flexibility and effectiveness when it matters most. The G3 Plus offers both automatic and semi-automatic models while the G3 Pro offers semi-automatic operation with a manual override system.

  • Waveform: STAR® biphasic truncated exponential
  • Variable energy 105J/360J
  • Five different energy protocols
  • Voice prompt and user guide
  • Rescue Ready equipped
  • System alerts
  • Built-in synchronized shock system
  • Unit is pacemaker pulse detection capable
  • Pediatric safe
  • Shock & manual override button

Powerheart AED G5 Trainer and G3 Trainer

Cardiac Science also offers G5 and G3 Trainer AEDs that provide professional emergency responders and students with the opportunity to simulate real life circumstances to perfect life-saving techniques. The units simulate various heart arrhythmias and allow trainees to work with the defibrillation pads, various AED functions, and apply CPR compressions. These training devices come fully equipped with voice instruction and a complete guide to assist rescuers through the entire process of using an AED. Training pads are reusable which allow training for both adult and pediatric rescue situations.


753 Boston Post Road
Guilford, CT 06437
(866) 333-4248

Defibtech Lifeline View/ECG/PRO AED

Defibtech offers several different models of AEDs but they are all based on the Lifeline View series with additional features offered on the ECG and PRO models. The original Lifeline AED design from several years ago won many industry design awards and Defibtech kept the same basic shape and design characteristics when they developed the View. The unit is a little smaller than the original which makes it even more portable than before while offering additional functionality and features that use the latest industry technologies available.

The Lifeline View offers voice prompts that are more detailed and more concise than Defibtech’s previous model. The unit offers complete instruction and helps users go step-by-step through CPR procedures, offers helpful prompts via text instruction, has a longer lasting but smaller battery and a full-color video screen. Additionally, the View comes with a full 8-year warranty.

The full-color screen provides visual examples via video that follows each voice command prompt helping even very inexperienced users provide effective assistance. The unit is capable of switching between “hands only” CPR and “traditional” CPR methods depending on your expertise or preferences. All of the video and voice commands that play during actual use of the unit can be replayed manually, which make the unit an excellent fit for training situations and practice session to sharpen your skills.

The ECG and PRO models have all of the features of the Lifeline View but offer additional features and technology. The ECG model is designed for professional emergency responders and offers an AED mode as well as a mode that shows the ECG. The PRO model offers experienced users both the ability to use an ECG mode as well as manually control all functions of shock delivery. Additionally, the ECG and PRO offer selection of different rescue protocols in real time and can be upgraded in a matter of a few minutes.

  • Programmable expiration dates for pads and batteries
  • Instant battery status display
  • Pad status display
  • Full, detailed voice commands
  • Full-color video screen
  • Voice and video can be replayed for training and assistance in real emergencies
  • Durable and reliable
  • Drop and vibration resistant


Full 8-year warranty and a 4-year warranty on the battery.

HeartSine Technologies, Inc.

105 Terry Drive, Suite 116
Newtown, PA.  18940 USA

Heartsine Technologies Samaritan PAD 450P

The Samaritan PAD 450P is Heartsine’s flagship unit and offers the latest in AED technology and feature availability. Effective CPR increases survival rates for those suffering from cardiac arrest of up to 75%. The PAD 450P allows users to provide effective treatment utilizing both effective CPR techniques and the use of a professional grade AED. The unit provides built-in software called CPR Rate Advisor which offers users visual and audio prompts relating to the rate of compressions throughout a rescue situation, all in real-time.

Heartsine’s proprietary software gives users voice commands directing them to push slower, faster or to stay at the current rate. The software is based upon published guidelines from the American Heart Association for maximum CPR effectiveness. The intuitive application can even detect if a user has stopped CPR procedures and will prompt you to begin CPR once again. In addition to voice commands, the unit also offers LED-based prompts that allow users to work in less than ideal environments that are too noisy to clearly hear the voice commands. The unit is designed for maximum efficiency and portability and only weighs 2.4 pounds.

Heartsine Technologies also offers a Samaratin PAD 350P and a Samaratin trainer unit. The 350P model is a more basic model without some of the features and functions of the 450P and the trainer unit is a perfect fit for teachers or students who need a unit to help sharpen their skills.

  • Small and portable weighing only 2.4 pounds
  • Proprietary software-Rate Advisor allows maximum effectiveness in CPR application
  • Voice and LED prompts assist the user in the rescue process
  • Pediatric approved
  • Full AED functionality


The unit comes with a full 8-year manufacturer warranty.

Philips Medical Systems/Heartstream

3000 Minuteman Road
Andover, MA 01810-1099
(800) 934-7372 or (978) 659-1099

Phillips Heartstart Onsite AED

The Heartstart Onsite AED is small and lightweight for easy use and maximum portability. The unit comes with active CPR instruction, a pre-connected electrode cartridge and can be used as a training unit as well. The Onsite AED model is very popular with professional emergency responders and often used in teaching or training environments due to its flexible use and easy conversion between training and live modes. The unit only weighs just over three pounds including the battery and electrode cartridge.

It is an excellent unit for users that are less experienced or that have limited training that is relevant to emergency situations due to its easy operation and straightforward technology. Additionally, the unit comes equipped with active CPR coaching which instructs users through the process of applying effective CPR procedures in real life emergency situations. Pediatric pads are also available making the unit easily capable of use during pediatric rescue situations.

If you choose to purchase the available training electrode cartridge you can easily convert the unit into a working trainer AED with full functionality in non-shocking mode. The Onsite AED easily converts back into rescue mode by simply reinserting the appropriate electrode cartridge. All of the Heartstart AEDs offer quick shock capabilities which will deliver a shock to the patient in less than 10 seconds after you deliver CPR.


Full 8-year warranty included with the purchase of the unit.

Phillips Heartstart FR3 AED

The Heartstart FR3 AED offers a unique three-in-one design that is a good fit for EMS professionals and any professional operating in an emergency responder capacity. The unit offers a balance of proven AED functionality with some of the latest AED technologies and features available. The FR3 comes with convenience features such as auto-on which powers the unit on immediately once the case is opened and includes pre-connected SMART Pads that do not have a foil pouch. This allows connecting the unit to patients in need extremely fast and without needless delays.

Additionally, the FR3 comes with SMART CPR which evaluates the current condition and heartbeat of an individual to determine if CPR or shock treatment is most appropriate. The system will alert a user to the conditions sensed and advise on the appropriate action.

While the FR3 does include advanced technology and functionality, it is very easy to learn and use in emergency situations when lives are at stake. The unit is capable of delivering advanced capabilities required by professionals and easy enough for inexperienced users to learn in just a few minutes, if needed. The FR3 is safe to use with children as long as you activate the child key which decreases the energy and shock level down to a point that is safe for children weighing less than 55 pounds.

With the installation of a data card, you can manage data and adjust or upgrade your FR3 AED as needed. The unit is Bluetooth compatible which makes the transfer and retrieval of data simple and straightforward even for those who are not technology savvy.


8-year full manufacturer warranty included.

Phillips Heartstart FRx

The Heartstart FRx is designed as a rugged and durable unit for use in conditions that are less than perfect including outdoor events, law enforcement needs, public venues, on the job, outdoor environments and any other demanding scene too harsh for other AED models.

The unit’s biphasic waveform provides a very efficient and effective shock that is gentler on the heart than other competitor models. The FRx comes with SMART Analysis, developed by Phillips, which automatically provides an accurate assessment of a patient’s situation and will not allow the unit to deliver a shock unless it is appropriate. SMART Analysis has been proven to be very effective and accurate with a large amount of clinical data backing up real world reported results.

The unit is extremely durable and can hold up under very strenuous circumstances including loads in excess of five hundred pounds, dropping the unit on cement and even large amounts of jetting water. Much like the Onsite model, the FRx includes CPR coaching functionality and detailed user assistance with clear and direct voice command prompts throughout the rescue process. The unit performs over eighty automated self-testing procedures to ensure the battery and all unit components are always ready for an emergency situation.


8-year full manufacturer warranty included.


11811 Willows Road NE
Redmond, WA 98073-9706
(800) 442-1142 or (425) 867-4000

Physio-Control LIFEPAK 1000

The LIFEPAK 1000 is an update to the LIFEPAK 500 and offer additional features and advanced AED technology. The unit is designed for healthcare providers and emergency responders from entry-level individuals with limited training to the most experienced professionals with advanced skills.

The unit was designed with durability in mind and for use in real-life situations in the field. It has an IP55 rating, an energy range of up to 360 joules and the entire platform can be upgraded. It comes standard with cprMAX software which allows the easy transition of provider protocols as required.

The LIFEPAK1000 has an oversized display, crystal clear graphics and large ECG readout that is easy to view from a distance. The on-screen battery gauge allows first-responders to immediately know the unit is ready for use with the simple press of a button. While the battery cannot be recharged, it is capable of providing over four hundred and twenty-five shocks before replacement is needed. Additionally, the unit can be customized as it allows a user to adjust settings and protocols to meet your specific needs.

  • Biphasic technology
  • Intuitive software and easy to use
  • Durable and made for rugged use
  • Customizable settings
  • Long lasting battery
  • IP55 rating
  • Oversized screen allows rescuers to easily view patient information
  • On-screen battery indicator


5-year full warranty included with the purchase of the unit.


The LIFEPAK EXPRESS AED is designed for inexperienced users or situations where infrequent used may be needed by those who do not extensive rescue training. The unit is small in size and easily portable with straightforward functionality that is easy to use. While the unit is designed for less experienced users, it still offers many features that are found on more expensive units and includes advanced features and technology.

Just like all of the AED models offered by Physio-Control, this unit uses ADAPTIV energy shocks which escalate the energy up to a range of 360 joules for situations that require stronger shock capabilities. Its ClearVoice technology provides users with clear and direct commands that help walk them through the life-saving sequences that are necessary based on a victim’s condition. The electrodes are pre-connected which saves valuable seconds in the event of an emergency situation where seconds can make all the difference.

The LIFEPAK EXPRESS is simple to operate and maintaining the unit is easy as well, as the battery and electrode pads expire at the same intervals. This means users only have a single expiration date to remember and a single maintenance duty to perform. Additionally, it is capable of performing auto self-testing to ensure the battery and all device components are ready for an emergency situation. Users can easily determine the unit’s readiness by simply looking at the status indicator light that is provided with the unit.


5-year full warranty included with the purchase of the unit.

Physio-Control LIFEPAK CR Plus

The LIFEPAK CR Plus is one of Physio-Control’s most used devices by professionals in the emergency care industry. The unit is easy to use, extremely portable and offers advanced functionality you may not find with other AED units. It is a small and lightweight unit at only 4.2 inches tall and only weighs approximately 4.5 pounds.

The CR Plus comes with an “auto on” feature that automatically powers the unit on once the lid is opened. Additionally, once the unit powers on the voice command prompts begin automatically, assisting users through the required rescue procedures. The core technology of the CR Plus is exactly the same as their higher grade and more expensive units, ensuring users they are getting a high quality unit and a very reasonable cost. In fact, the unit utilizes the same biphasic technology that Physio-Technology’s other available units use. Shock energy levels range from 200 to 360 joules and use an escalating process.

The CR Plus uses a battery system that is model specific, called CHARGE-PAK, with electrodes that have the exact same expiration date making unit maintenance easy. The unit is available in two different models, a semi-auto model and a fully automatic model that comes without a manual shock trigger. The unit is also capable of running self-tests at pre-set intervals to ensure the device is ready for use at all times. Additionally, the carrying case of the unit provides an area where users can easily view the status indicator light making it easy to know if the unit is ready for the next emergency.


8-year full manufacturer warranty included with the purchase of the unit.

ZOLL Medical Corporation

Worldwide Headquarters
269 Mill Road
Chelmsford, MA 01824-4105
(800) 348-9011


The ZOLL AED Pro is designed as a multi-use AED that is a good fit for use by professional healthcare providers in the field, at public venues or at the office for unexpected emergencies. ZOLL made the unit virtually impossible to destroy as it resists dust, jetting water, extreme pressure and has an IP55 rating. The unit is offered in two different models, a semi-automatic model and a semi-automatic model equipped with a manual override.

The ZOLL AED Pro provides visual assistance to users through a large LCD screen and provides audible commands that are easy to understand and follow. It is USB device compatible which allows users to store, transfer and view data seamlessly without having to wait to get back to the office or headquarters. Users can choose between a one-piece electrode design or two-piece style electrode, it is compatible with both in order to meet your exact needs.

Professionals can utilize a wide variety of information provided by the unit as it provides ECG waveform, monitors the number of shocks completed, continuous heart rate monitoring and tracks the CPR compression depths. The data is clearly displayed on the unit’s oversized LCD screen and easy to view from a distance. The unit is compatible with either a lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable or an SLA battery based upon the preference of the user.

The unit’s RescueNet software is easy to use and allows professionals to transfer data easily between the unit and a PC via USB device. The software is free and included with the ZOLL AED Pro at the time of purchase. The entire body of the Pro is constructed of Polycarbonate Siloxane, which makes it one of the most durable and rugged AED’s available on the market.


5-Year full warranty


The Zoll AED Plus is an excellent unit for use by inexperienced users that have limited emergency training or for professionals that require a high-grade unit that can withstand rugged use in the field. The unit uses consumer style batteries, the electrodes are a single piece design which saves time in emergency situations and the unit is very resistant to damage from water.

Not only does the ZOLL AED Plus operate as an advanced technology AED, it also provides users with expert CPR instruction as well. The voice commands will prompt users on a step-by-step basis throughout the entire CPR process to ensure the maximum effectiveness of rescue attempts. In addition to voice command prompts, the ZOLL AED Plus also provides clear picture examples and text commands on-screen to keep users on track and to avoid any confusion. Emergency situations can be stressful and for those who have limited training the unit makes providing assistance to someone in need much easier.

Via voice, text and pictures the unit will give you feedback during the rescue and CPR process to ensure you are able to correct and apply the appropriate measures for the given situation. This includes if you should be pressing harder, softer or going faster or slower. The software is designed to monitor the patient’s current condition, the current procedures being applied and to make the proper adjustments for the best outcome possible. ZOLL offers an ECG upgrade which is very useful for professional emergency responders and medical professionals of all types.

Additionally, optional pads for situations that require pediatric use are compatible with the unit as well. This unit is easy to learn, easy to operate and takes all of the guesswork out of saving lives for those who are not experts in the medical field.


5-year full warranty

AEDs provide a vital life-saving tool that is used every day by medical professionals, emergency responders and even those who have very limited experience in rescue and emergency situations. The use of AEDs in combination with CPR provides those who are suffering from cardiac arrest with a good chance of survival and full recovery. 

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